Welcome to the World of Digital Download

Welcome to a new revolution in digital movie ownership. Customized for today’s digital lifestyles, Digital Download offers up versatility and convenience at an affordable price. Enjoy early access to your favourite movies in HD across a variety of connected devices anytime, anywhere.



Welcome to Digital Download

Early Access

With Digital Download, you get early access* to new movies weeks before they are available on DVD and Blu-ray. Your movies are stored in the Cloud, accessible at home or on the go anytime!

* on select titles

Early Access

Across Multiple Devices

The cloud allows for reliable and safe storage of your movies so you can watch anytime, anywhere. Easy portability enables sharing with family and viewing on multiple devices, including TV’s, tablets, smartphones and computers.

HD Quality

Every movie available on Digital Download offers high definition at an affordable price.

HD Quality

Buy & Watch Instantly

Digital Download makes watching your favourite movie quick and easy. Simply visit a digital online retailer and click to buy. Then stream or download to your TV, tablet, smartphone, gaming console or computer.

Buy & Watch Instantly


Choose an experience below to see how you can use Digital Download.

Browse, buy and download a movie before heading out the door.

Watch it instantly from almost anywhere on the go.

...and watch it anytime, anywhere!

Buy movies

Buy movies on an internet-connected device.

Entertain your kids

Entertain kids with their favourite movies instantly on the go.

Watch your favorite movies

Watch your favourites again and again on any compatible internet-connected device.

Buy an HD movie

Buy a high def movie from your internet-connected TV.

Gather on the couch

Gather on the couch for movie night!

Enjoy your movie

Enjoy your movie from the comfort of your home.


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